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Below is a collection of important general information,
websites and articles that can provide you with further
information about home inspection & pest control,
give you general safety tips for your household, and more!


Our professional home inspectors spend several hours
going over the house, informing you of their observations
and reporting the defects they find. Bradford's inspectors
look at your home with an experienced eye.

Take the time to protect yourself. Be certain your
purchase contract includes a Home Inspection clause and
the clause spells out what happens if your inspector
finds defects. This could mean the seller makes
hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of repairs for you
or you will not be required to buy the house. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a "home inspection"?
A home inspection means having an experienced professional take a very detailed look at your home with the goal of identifying anything that could possibly
be a danger to you and your family. It is an effort to reasonably disclose the conditions existing on the day of the inspection - a close look at your home with an experienced eye.

Most people purchasing homes hire an inspector to check the roof, exterior, foundation and basement, structural, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning, fireplaces, insulation and interior. Inspections do not reveal information on the concealed areas or items not inspected, for example: The condition of insulation in the visible areas of the attic does not imply insulation under the attic floor is in the same condition.

Do I need an inspection?
Home inspectors are generalist with broad knowledge of many topics. Some home inspectors are engineers and some are not. The home inspector does a visual inspection and reports any major deficiencies and items affecting the habitability of the property. A good inspector must be well versed in all fields of residential construction and have good communication skills. Home inspectors give an over view of the condition of any property and discloses major defects.

Are there any limitations?
Inspectors do the best job they can, but sometimes physical obstructions, weather conditions, etc. prevent them from doing the whole job, for example: a snow covered roof or concealed areas. An inspector cannot make representation about areas that have not been inspected. Approximately 3/4 of the components of a house are concealed or out of sight.

What if the report reveals problems?
Just because the house may have some problems doesn't mean it is not a good investment. A home inspection report will help you understand what may be involved in future maintenance, what repairs need to be made before a sale closing, and whether you may be able to negotiate the price of the home with the seller because of issues your home inspector identifies.

Which houses should be inspected?
Any house can be inspected, regardless of age. New construction as well as existing houses, may have defects. Inspectors use their experiences with older home inspection to anticipate future problems in any new construction homes. If you feel your home has a few issues that could grow into large problems, it is probablly a good idea to have a home inspection so you can know exactly what the problems are and how to handle them.

Can a house fail an inspection?
Inspectors will not pass or fail a house. Professional home inspections are simply an examination of the current condition of a home. Inspectors describe the present condition and note items in need of immediate repair or replacement.

Is an inspection an insurance policy or warranty against future repair?
Home inspectors will never be able to predict every repair or maintenance item encountered while owning a house. Purchasing a home brings risks. An inspection does not constitute an insurance policy; it gives you an overall impression of the condition of a house and discloses any immediate (and possibly future) major repairs.

Do I need to be present at my home inspection?
It isn't necessary to be present during the home inspection. However, being there will help you learn about your new home. An inspector can give you tips on maintenance and upkeep... And, it's a good time for you to ask questions.


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